Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to make money online? 

Are you f
ed up with watching everyone else living  the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

Are you wondering how YOU too can become a
Successful Online Marketer?

Well, today’s your lucky day because you are exactly a step away from the opportunity where you can become a successful online marketer and launch your internet business in no time!

Look, I don’t blame you for being suspicious. I’m sure you’ve already seen lots of other marketers which promise you the sky in return for you opening your wallet. 

Well, I’m not like that. I’m not going to show you pretty pictures or fancy sales pages with all the gimmicks… 

Frankly I am not going to sell you another info-product, course, membership or coaching. I have been there. I have done that. As you probably have seen from the content on this site, I have re-launched the Sales Funnel Advantage Brand to expand my business model and take my life to the next level and if you are ready for success, I would like to take you with me on your next venture….so relax and let’s have a chat about why you are here…

  1. You want to make money online
  2. You want to make a full time income
  3. You want to obtain the above launching your online business

How did I guess that? It’s simple,  I was once your position too. Though I don’t know you (and you don’t know me – yet) I, too, was once at my wits end trying to make my first dollar online and dreaming of the riches and lifestyle that I saw other marketers enjoying. 

I won’t hide from you that getting started making money online was a struggle. I felt like I had so much to learn and, in those days, it took so much research to get the information I needed. I bought every information product, course and membership and coaching under the sun…and what did I get back? A big fat hole in my wallet! 

If you took the time to browse this site you probably know by now that I started making sales when I launched my first sales funnel consisting of three single pages and a buy button…which meant I finally stopped listening to everyone else, got my act together and sold my first product online.  And then I kept producing and expanding my business. 

In-fact most of the content I have sold as info-products completely available for you for free on this site. Why? 

Because I believe you do not need another ebook, video training course or membership to teach you more than you need to take something to sell and generate revenue for your business.  Regrettably…

When you’re learning, you’re not earning

You see, I had a problem that I think you might, just understand. I was spending so much time learning that I had no time for earning.

As a famous mentor of mine recently put it “you think you’re ‘working’ when you purchase and download all this stuff but, really, all you are is a customer when you should be a marketer!

I was in the sad state of gathering a hard drive full of programs and software and systems and strategies and not doing a blind thing with them. I thought that all this stuff would help me but, in the end, it was all so complex that it frightened me into thinking I had to learn more and more. 

As a result, I was busy with a million half finished projects while I earned NOTHING!

What I would have loved was a step-by-step guide that would tell me to ‘do this, do that’ and then I could carry out each step, be actually doing something constructive, and be on my way to achieving the success I’d always dreamed of.

Well, don’t get disheartened by my sob story because  it doesn’t have to be like that for you…not any more. Not from today.

All the information you need to set-up your money making machine, launch you business and close sales is already available on this site for free.  And you can ask any question you may have to reach the next step

Stop wasting your time looking for the next big thing and start setting up and launch the next big thing:

Just launch your business, start closing sales and generate income.

You don’t have to launch the next FB platform… Have you seen my first site?! 

All you need is a simple sales funnel that will make you sales, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you can adjust as you go along and while money is rolling in…

And if you have watched the videos on this site, you know everything you need to get started….

I’ve thought long and hard about the best way to help newbies and marketer just starting out, like you and the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of pieces to put together  which may delay sales and profits long enough for you to lose focus and give up on your venture before your can reap all the rewards that you deserve…

The best way to learn online marketing is by actually doing it for real. For one you’ll be finding out what it takes to actually make money by really earning money and, trust me, there’s nothing more exciting than watching dollars flow into your account. 
I figured the reason is that, when you go through everything you need to become a marketer, all at once, you really do suffer from information overload. Suddenly you are faced with a mountain of things to do and it all seems like too much. 

So what happens then?

You say to yourself ‘I’ll get stuck into it tomorrow’, but then tomorrow comes and you start looking for a simpler method and get drawn to the next bright shiny object. And so on it goes.  And you never do get started

Well. Guess what? It’s not your fault.

Yes, really, it is NOT your fault! It has happened to the best of us, believe me. 

I’ve found that there’s only one cure for this ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ syndrome. Set yourself a daily task and get it done before everything else

So why not start right now?

  • No more thinking about creating your own products/services. It’s time to do it.
  • No more thinking about setting up your sales funnel. It’s time to do it.
  • No more wondering when you will start making a living online. It’s time to do it.

This is all about creating your first sales funnel and generate revenue.

So here is what I have heave that can dramatically explode your growth, skyrocket your sales and reach success: 

I want to join forces with you.

Yes, that’s right!

Here is what this opportunity is going to do for you:

I am on the lookout for hungry online entrepreneurs that are ready to invest in themselves, that are ready to do whatever it takes to launch their internet business and I want to give you everything I’ve got and put my resources on you to set you up and launch right off the bat with a business that can generate you a full time income by working at it part time. 

I want to help you reach the success you deserve. 

Are you committed to this venture? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to win?  Would you like to become a business partner and take advantage of my insight, knowledge and full resource to launch you internet business?

If you are committed to make this work for you and would like to partner up, here is what I what you ned to do next, follow the link below to fill in your application:

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