“Revealing The Simple Secret Weapon Behind A Profitable Online Business And How You Can Do It Too”


We are undoubtedly living in the age of the internet. It is a connected world

where people are ever more dependent on the internet for finding information,

making purchases and living their everyday lives.

But today’s world is more than just the age of the internet. 

It is the age of online business. 

Thousands of people are already earning money from essentially nothing but a laptop, smartphone and an internet connection.

Although there are many forms of online business, selling information products is considered by many people to be one of the best businesses to get into. 

By information products, we mean products like eBooks, audio products, video products etc.

Once created you can sell it over and over again without doing any further work.

The customer finds your product, decides to buy it and then BOOM!!


The money lands in your Paypal account automatically and the customer has downloaded their purchase from your website before you’ve even realized you’ve made a sale.

Now compare that to a traditional retail business where you have to constantly buy in stock and ship products to customers – or even get a product manufactured.

Or you can just buy a license for a product already made for you or you can just promote other peoples products for a commission.

It does not matter what you are going to sell you can set it this business model up and sell whatever you want in whatever market you want. 

It just WORKS.

So let’s get right to it, shall we…?

The 3 Core Elements of an Online Business

If you want to succeed online I want you to understand that nothing happens until something is sold. I would like you to bear in mind that to succeed online you need to have a working solution to three main basic elements:

  • Something to sell
  • Someone to sell it to and
  • Have a way of getting what you are selling in front of those people

If you lack in any of these three basic components your venture will not produce the profitable results you expected. It is as simple as that.

But why create your own information product’s and not simply sell other people’s as an affiliate?

It is undoubtedly easier to sell info products as an affiliate rather than create your own, however if you’re serious about becoming an “infopreneur” then it is pretty much essential to create your own products…

Having your own products puts you in control.

You can be the one who recruits hundreds of affiliates to sell your product for you, rather than doing all the leg work yourself.

As a product owner it also opens up a whole world of opportunities. 

A product with your name on it rather than somebody else places you as an expert in your niche.


People who have their own products get taken seriously by their customers,

as well as it opening up things like JV opportunities and gain instant access to other people lists.


(So if you are serious about making a full time income online, you should consider creating a little information product)

Please note: I want to keep this report on topic and give you the birds eye view on how you can start an online business from scratch asap. 

If you need any help with creating your first information product just get in touch and I’m always happy to help and send some of my trainings your way for free. 

Whatever you need I’m here for you so let’s continue…

How This Business Model Works

There are 5 steps you need in order to make money on autopilot.

1.Set up your squeeze page where you offer something of value for your prospects and build you first list of subscribers.

2. Create a thank you page with the promised download ( you can get creative here and plug in multiple offers called one time offers, upsells and downsells but let’s keep things super simple for now…)

3. Create your first follow up email campaign designed to build trust and relationship with your crowd of followers.

4. Use your email campaign to launch or promote offers designed to help your crowd solving their needs and wants.

5. Keep growing your list

That’s it.

By the way that is what is commonly referred to as setting up a SALES FUNNEL .

How To Make Moeny With Emails

The key to making automated money online is traffic on demand

If you can drive traffic to wherever you like, you can make money whenever you like. However — one thing better than driving traffic is owning traffic. 

To own traffic, you need to build a mailing list. 

I don’t mean you wait around for some magic to happen.  You have to do some work upfront without getting paid. You have to build a list building machine the correct way. Once it’s built, that sucker is an automated profit machine. 

That is an example of how the sales funnel is processed in any successful profitable internet business.  The core of the business will always be your email list and email campaign. As for the traffic channels you use to gain new subscribers and grow your business you can pick whatever makes you happy: Facebook, Youtube, forum marketing, blogging, ppc, solo ads and so on…

Now the way you go about it is to pick one channel or advertising platform at a time and  in it by testing and tracking your conversion rates.  This is crucial as it will save you a lot of time and money as you can fine tune your results and stay on track by ditching what doesn’t work for you and optimize what works.

That’s it.

You use every platform already available to send visitors and traffic towards your lead page or opt in page where you will build you list in exchange for your Targeted Lead Magnet piece of valuable content and that’s it. 

You email campaign is set up to run on autopilot through your autoresponder so you can virtually keep making sales on autopilot. 

I say virtually because there is some work involved in setting you sales funnel up once before you launch it and start making sales. 

Though is the closest thing I know of with the power to generate profits at the push of a button.

Great, now that you understand the core element (aka the sales funnel) behind any online business let me tell you how to really gain leverage and skyrocket your profits …..

Remember when I told you that is better to have a little information product?

Well imagine you have already set up your sales funnel to sell you product.

Now imagine having an army of affiliates to promote your product and sales funnel to their lists filled with thousands of subscribers and customers….! 

Yes it’s true that you will have to pay out a commission for every sale made…but

You just got laser targeted instant traffic and sales with minimum efforts or stress.

Now if you are really smart you will go on affiliate networks and boards where you can simply tell real marketers about your sales funnel and ask them to promote it. 

The key to making money using emails is simple…

  • Build your sales funnel
  • Launch it 
  • Make sales on autopilot .

Now before I leave you…theory is all nice and good …it’s the practice that matters.

I just gave you the big picture…

Let me actually break it all down for you into the details and literally show you how to build and launch your first internet business step by step starting from scratch.

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